Debate tournament “Capital cup”

Project details

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The purpose to hold a Kyiv debate tournament, which is the first phase to Ukrainian Debate Championship.

Format: one-day tournament, 4 preliminary rounds, half-final, final. 16-24 teams. The participants of a tournament are all debaters from Kyiv and regions under the patronage of Kyiv department of “UDF”.

Time: November-December.


Participants of the tournament are teams from Kyiv and nearby towns, which are challenging for the winner cup. The tournament gives the opportunity to compete with powerful teams, to feel the spirit of competition and to get a lot of pleasure from saturated with emotions games.

The judges of the tournament are competent and experienced debaters, who had a lot of achievements on the nationwide and international tournaments.

The best team and speaker will get a winner-cups and a 50% discount for the participation on nationwide tournament, and all 8 finalists (4 teams) – a tickets on the Ukrainian Debate Championship.