Carpathian Summer School of Debates

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Every year since 2011, in lovely countryside of Carpathians in purpose to develop and promote debates among young people, develop their leadership qualities and skills, to teach them the basics of oratory we`ve been helding the Carpathian Summer School of Debates.

Debates are focused on school students, active young people, members of youth organizations and people who are interested in personal development, public speaking and oratory, even if only they heard about it yesterday.

The school provides the education of debates and public speaking, gaining leadership skills for beginners and already experienced members. Also the program includes team-building trainings, organized activities and different techniques of persuasion and presentation. That’s what you need to feel alive and able to conquer up the top!

As organizers, we will take care of responsibility to take you to some wonderful place in the Carpathian Mountains, where will surely be sunny and bright the week school will be arranged.

Tents and field kitchen will give you a chance to forget about city life and fast foods. Day – training , evening – fire, songs, mountain legends and romance.