Kharkiv English Debate League (KEDL)

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Everybody knows that in modern world the knowledge of foreign languages ​​is considered to be as ordinary as knowledge of how to breathe and walk. No need to talk about the case when people are not only express their thinkings towards the foreigh language well, but may defend their opinion freely operating even the most difficult concepts. That is why the Kharkiv branch of our organiztion is doing everything for debaters of city to be able not only skillfully debate, but to do it in English, getting every possible benefit from the combination of these two components.
Although KEDL Debate League was held the first time, it assembled a team technological-ecological safety worthy of participation in the tournament and the jury, consisting of representatives of the two cities. Fierce battles, interesting resolutions and good arguments – all of this encouraged us to put a good tradition of such events in the future.
The opportunity for debaters Kharkiv to demonstrate their ability to not only debate but also show their level of English or grow up their skills..