Annual Ukrainian Debate Tournament "Cup of Odessa"

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Annual Ukrainian Debate Tournament “Cup of Odessa” is the largest in the CIS tournament of debate. The tournament takes place on the British parliamentary debate format and involves two tracks: for experienced players and newcomers.
Objectives: The involvement of socially active youth Ukraine to the public discussion of current social issues.
The project aims to develop personality: Critical, analytical, constructive thinking, the development of oratorical skills, tolerance, respect for opponents. The main goal is the intellectual development of young people.
Number of participants: each year the organizers Cup Odessa aim to make the best debate tournament and the largest.
In 2014, the fifth annual All-Ukrainian debate tournament “Cup of Odessa” which became the largest in the CIS tournament with debate –
250 participants (160 debaters from across the country (80 teams of 2 people each), 30 judges, 20 members of the organizing committee, 40 volunteers), and spectators and visitors to the city took part in this event!
With the media support measure covered about 2 thousand people !!
ORGANIZERS: Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Youth NGO “Debate Federation Ukraine” Students League UBA Trade Union OLA OU.
Venue: National University “Odessa Law Academy”.
Odessa Cup is a tournament! After Odessa branch with all the breadth of Odessa soul puts all the power to whenever guests feel at home in a fun and comfortable atmosphere!
Also, the tournament has its own characteristics, for use in speeches “Odessa accent,” adds participants Speaker scores! And the winners always get prizes in the form of tablets) However, no gift can be more valuable than a good mood and drive, which prevails in the tournament and feels that whoever involved in Cup Odessa!