First and second debate schools

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The purpose of event is familiarization with the “Debate” game, it’s rules and features.
The event itself is: 5 trainings on the basics of debating and two debate games.
Time: two times on a season on the start of a studying semester in universities.
First debate school – September-October.
Second debate school – February-March.
Students of the biggest universities of Kyiv are going on the First debate school to plunge into an exciting world of debates, get new information about the foundations of oratory and presentation, and to get skills of public speaking. Participating the School is the best opportunity to become a member of a wide family of Kyiv department and to get into unmatched atmosphere of debates.

First debate school is a possibility to get into the bright world of debates, which help to become a good orator, develop a critical thinking and analyzing skills.
FDS is the first phase, which give the opportunity to become a member of debate club, and a possibility to take part in other debate events, which are held by organization (local and nationwide debate challenges, trainings, club sessions).
Coaches of the school are experienced debaters, who have a lot of winnings and participations in international debate tournaments.

In the end of School every participant get a certificate about going through the basic course of debate trainings.