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We represent an Debate Summer School, which is the historic home of the great “schemer” O.Bendera “did da” in Odessa. 6 unforgettable, warm, sunny days in great company – what could be better? We know! 6 unforgettable, sunny, warm days in great company and very experienced debaters, professional trainers, warm sea, good mood and emotional evening 🙂 SDS is designed for those who want a week of time to acquire new knowledge of the debate, oratory skills and techniques of public speaking, debate management projects, the creation and development debate clubs. School is held annually in early August in the resort town of Bay, in the Odessa region. The main goal of the organizers – is an association of family friendly debate and attract new members by three seas – the sea of knowledge, and the Black Sea sea friends;) SDS always collects as many experienced debaters and beginners for whom debate – something new and immense. After 6 days loaded but very interesting training, teambuilding and a good rest and communication, we are all one family friendly – Debate community! Schools are an important component of its educational program. Participants are following educational blocks: Basics debate – for beginners trainings with the rules of debate, argument and kontrarhumentatsiyi, after which they can play in pairs with experienced players and learn the secrets of successful performances and “strong” arguments. Judging in the debate – experienced not only Ukrainian judges share their experience and just judging quality. The knowledge participants will apply in practice during the tournament, which is held within the School. Public speaking skills – participants with an experienced coach learn the necessary aspects of quality performance, if not tremble for speeches and speak so that you would listen. Organizational unit – future leaders of debate clubs receive information on the establishment and organization of the debate clubs, debates and current leaders of debate clubs on how to improve their work and the necessary training materials. The participants for “experienced” trained technology training of debate. In 2014 SDS become a landmark not only for the Odessa offices, but also for the whole FDU, because after training system for beginners debate with management FDU expanded its borders up to 10 new regions! We hope that this is not the limit! And the 5th Anniversary SDS 2015, we will be able to cover the whole territory of Ukraine!