The annual debate tournament "Autumn Cup"

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This event for all who make the first steps in the debate and is ready to develop a public speaking skills, reasoning and other important quality of a good speaker.

Members of Autumn Cup are an excellent opportunity to really learn how to play the debate and compete for the title of the best team among the newcomers debate season, and get your first cup Debate!

Organizers: Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Youth NGO “Debate Federation Ukraine”

Date: early October each year

Location: NU “OLA”

The tournament consists of 3 qualifying rounds and finals

The subject is given in advance

All participants of the tournament are relevant certificates

Debate School and Autumn Cup is the first stage of training courses and workshops for the season “September – May each year,” which prepared Odessa Branch YPO “FDE”. Participants of the first stage are able to become members of the Debate Club, and everyone gets a proper certificate of Completion of the foundations of the debate.